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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


When people are cowards accepting humiliation, living under covered dictatorship and refuses to open their eyes blinded by hate and packed Ideas, it is a necessity to create illusionary wars to make illusionary scores.
Fill them with fear, fill them with hate and their strings will be attached to your fingers...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Free fall

I have deep feeling that I trust so much...
In fact it is much more than a feeling, it is a philosophy coming out from experience, but the process is too hard to be explained...
I say humanity is a Phoenix, a Phoenix should burn to death so it raises again, and his death is so peaceful and here the word death is not dramatic as we know it but it is a kind of beauty...
This Phoenix has decided not to go in death and decided to struggle and fight against his cycle of life. This Phoenix decided to ignore that he is immortal only because he is mortal, so the Phoenix of humanity once decided to defy this, he felt so mighty and strong but his flame is becoming so dull, he knows deep inside that he should allow him self to die to get rid of all this shit that is stuffing his shining flame, but he can't anymore he is now a cowered out of his routine, now he is afraid from what he knows is the reason of his beauty and freedom, he does not dare to get back to ash so he rises again brighter than ever.
Humanity should be left in free fall. For the believers it should only be left to the hands of God, and we should trust this free fall, it will be filled with terror but no one should ever try to stop it. No governments should be kept, no kind of security and armed people should be left... All kind of force of regulation should be stopped, this will create a big mess that through it will shine the truth and life of humanity... We should all know that we do not own the nature or anything else in this universe we are only a part of it so we shall be in harmony with it and work for it's good... During all this time no one will be forced to be good, no crime will be punished from any legal side and during this we shall all teach our kids that love is a priority (and maybe not even teach them this), love of other humans and of nature... No one is allowed to force anything on the other or to act with superiority to an other, and each one should know that he is so especial and unique among all others.
Since I know how hard it is to let the Phoenix of humanity go into his cycle of life in such a way... I invite each one of you to close his eyes and let him self into this... Live this experience alone and it will make you a different person for a new humanity.

Thursday, June 6, 2013