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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who am I?

I tend to be loud
I escape the traditional ways
I adore silence
I tend to live in the middle of the crowd
I want to be heard
I do not want to scream
I want to be different
I do not want to be judged
I want to show my uniqueness
I do not want to be worshiped
I want to be understood
I do not want to talk
I want to understand
I do not want to suffer
I love my life
I curse my life every day
I am powerful
I drown in pain everyday
I am courageous
I hesitate a thousand time
I want peace
I insanely think at every second
I love my craziness
I suffer of madness
I know you can't know me
I know you can know enough about me
I laugh at who calls him self my friend
I smile to friends
I am not smart