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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sharpening the blade

The Iron through it's life, dives into the mouth of the dragon that is throwing his flames, It is a destiny no escape from it. The Iron takes the color of it's enemy, also a layer of darkness occurs over it during this process.
A red hot burning tragedy hits the Iron, darkness surrounds all his body, and still silent it remains, silent because of the shock, or silent because of the extreme pain, or maybe because the Iron knows his destiny and that this process is for it's good...
Sooner or later you passing by the workshop you can't ignore the sound of the iron screaming loud, yes it is iron a fine metal, unbreakable metal is screaming and struggling. With every hit on it's deformed body a short scream is released, the iron has lost faith, it was ready to take the heat of life, living the hell before death but not to be beaten hard.
This process happens over and over again, how cruel is the heart of that man working in a dim low-light entourage, dipping it into the mouth of the dragon, letting the iron there to it's limit and at the moment were it turns to a yellow bright orange, moments before the iron turns into white moments before it's death and how many times the iron has wished death, just at that moment, the blacksmith takes the iron out and the hammering process continues...
Using different techniques and how terrifying are those techniques, seven different techniques by it names you can know how hard is that process: "drawing down, shrinking, bending, upsetting, swageing, punching and forge welding.
Again and again, time after time, and the process continues and still the iron can't avoid screaming at every hammering... Didn't it learn the lesson? Why does it keep nagging? The Iron loses hope but still screams at every beat.
Suddenly things change, a new event got involved, not an easy process but still feels like heaven comparing to the previous life. The iron now brights of joy, clean and shiny and gently has been placed on a stand so proud among others, each of those swords laid back there feeling that is the best.
And more proud they get when noble men enters and picks up those swords, they are out to the sun, where they can shine reflecting the mighty light of the sun.
Thinking that it is the eternal rest, this is what it was waiting for, but he who has been into a continuous action can't rest so long and starts to think about it's destiny... I did not get into all this pain to simply sleep at the end, but can't do anything and can't imagine what could be done for a change.
Before becoming completely bored and surrendering to it's laziness the sword finds it self held high to the sky shining brighter than ever, this time it notices that is not alone, thousands of swords shining there, some of them is not as much as others, and many already has scars on it blade. It is war but this time the good sword knows and confident gets to it, there is no fear in it's heart now knowing that this is easier than all that has passed, and it had enough rest to get into this again.
This time again we can hear the iron screams, but it is a sound of excitement and power. cleaned and brightened after each battle, the sword rests while waiting with joy it's next battle, some days it is so proud cause it managed to break some other blades that probably did not get the good process at the beginning of life.
But life is not always glorious, many times this sword has found it self laying on the battle filed, it's a loss darkness has found it's way back to the heart of the sword again red is the color of his blade, feeling that it is the end, now the sword has to stay in the dirt for ever, holding over it's blade a long history of glory that helps to keep a smile and shine under the moonlight, but this is the only joy that is there comparing to the bad feeling for this humiliating end...
There on the ground has seen many cavaliers passing near by, it remembers the old days, and feels so weak cause non of those soldiers decides to take it back to the field, it became old and ignored...
Every time this particular sword falls in his dark illusion till one day a warrior passes by this field and notices this fine sword there, only a true warrior a very experienced one can appreciate and knows the value, he picks it up and takes it to other battles of glory, at those moments the sword always remembers the words of the blacksmith saying "you my son will shine for ever, I have put you into the hardest of what I can do, and put into you the most of my experience to make you the most glamorous of all" those words has been doubted many times and will be many other times, but always proves it's righteousness.