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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Right Wrong

The right and the wrong were in a war, then came a third who does not want nor the right nor the wrong.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Just a thought: God, science and ideas

God by coming to earth using a human body, he said words of wisdom and gave directions, he used examples and inspired us the new testament.
There was a great message and a huge example.
In the beginning of times God created all, he hit the trigger and launched a chain of non stop miracles, but all are predictable ones, we can predict those miracles the more we go deep into the spirit and science. He made all perfect and he did not want to interfere directly into it any more.
In the old testament he gave directions and talked to people, but his message in the new testament and the example he gave is that all will be done through us humans by all our unlimited diversity and uniqueness for he is unlimited. He made us a bridge he said it loud and clear...
Everything new that will be brought to this world will be through you dear humans, each of you is a bridge for loads of new miracles, each person is a bridge for unlimited blessings given from God.
We are the third testament, the currently living one, by holding his word we assure a clean pass for his blessings through the bridges. By appreciating each person and loving him we assure more flow of blessings.
He made each of us a complex of body, mind and soul a complex needed to explore the already existing miracles and to allow the flow of new ones.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


When people are cowards accepting humiliation, living under covered dictatorship and refuses to open their eyes blinded by hate and packed Ideas, it is a necessity to create illusionary wars to make illusionary scores.
Fill them with fear, fill them with hate and their strings will be attached to your fingers...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Free fall

I have deep feeling that I trust so much...
In fact it is much more than a feeling, it is a philosophy coming out from experience, but the process is too hard to be explained...
I say humanity is a Phoenix, a Phoenix should burn to death so it raises again, and his death is so peaceful and here the word death is not dramatic as we know it but it is a kind of beauty...
This Phoenix has decided not to go in death and decided to struggle and fight against his cycle of life. This Phoenix decided to ignore that he is immortal only because he is mortal, so the Phoenix of humanity once decided to defy this, he felt so mighty and strong but his flame is becoming so dull, he knows deep inside that he should allow him self to die to get rid of all this shit that is stuffing his shining flame, but he can't anymore he is now a cowered out of his routine, now he is afraid from what he knows is the reason of his beauty and freedom, he does not dare to get back to ash so he rises again brighter than ever.
Humanity should be left in free fall. For the believers it should only be left to the hands of God, and we should trust this free fall, it will be filled with terror but no one should ever try to stop it. No governments should be kept, no kind of security and armed people should be left... All kind of force of regulation should be stopped, this will create a big mess that through it will shine the truth and life of humanity... We should all know that we do not own the nature or anything else in this universe we are only a part of it so we shall be in harmony with it and work for it's good... During all this time no one will be forced to be good, no crime will be punished from any legal side and during this we shall all teach our kids that love is a priority (and maybe not even teach them this), love of other humans and of nature... No one is allowed to force anything on the other or to act with superiority to an other, and each one should know that he is so especial and unique among all others.
Since I know how hard it is to let the Phoenix of humanity go into his cycle of life in such a way... I invite each one of you to close his eyes and let him self into this... Live this experience alone and it will make you a different person for a new humanity.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who am I?

I tend to be loud
I escape the traditional ways
I adore silence
I tend to live in the middle of the crowd
I want to be heard
I do not want to scream
I want to be different
I do not want to be judged
I want to show my uniqueness
I do not want to be worshiped
I want to be understood
I do not want to talk
I want to understand
I do not want to suffer
I love my life
I curse my life every day
I am powerful
I drown in pain everyday
I am courageous
I hesitate a thousand time
I want peace
I insanely think at every second
I love my craziness
I suffer of madness
I know you can't know me
I know you can know enough about me
I laugh at who calls him self my friend
I smile to friends
I am not smart

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Love the system

I was so young desperately seeking freedom, right after I got out of my childhood,
There was walls all around me, following me where ever I go.
I tried to run away, I found my self away from the shadows it offered me; I got scared, the sun burned my tender skin.
Lost again and forced to get in the shadow of these high walls, hating the walls but laying underneath it, sometimes trying to climb it and other times tempted to go run under the sun. I many times tried to crack those walls, it crashed my nails, and wounded my skin.
My body covered with dust my skin getting thicker, but still the situation is the same.
There was that door that I was too proud to get through it, I did not want to be similar to every one, similar to those old people getting through it.
I wanted to be like those few who I see from time to time, they have grown older, they are still on the outside but unlike me they have a smile on their face and a mysterious deep look in their eyes.
I wanted to learn, I heard stories about them that said that they are like no other humans or some said that they are not humans at all.
Staring from far, never dared to talk to them, never dared to get close to them.
Growing with time, courage grew in my heart and I walk toward these men.
Getting close to them I heard them sing a song, the main refrain was the same I grew up hearing from the people around "Oh, it's a dangerous world boys, repeat and say. Oh, it's a dangerous world boys."
Weird are those guys, they are men above men, they are singing the same song as the small men.
Yes, this is what I heard what I understood, it is the same lyrics. I felt desperate, there was no answer. I picked up my self all this distance maybe I can find an answer for all the "hows" I asked.
Time is still playing his game, I did not want to give, up I stayed and roamed for years in-vain no answer; Walked back home or better to say walked back to where I was.
Getting closer to the old places the sound of the legends was decreasing and the sound of dead was rising, yes it was the same words being singed by all... This is when I stopped, my body shivering, it truly is the same words but it is not the same song. The dead where singing again and again singing but nagging, nagging and crying "Oh, it's a dangerous world boys"; while my ears missed the singing of the legends, who were singing and shouting, screaming and celebrating the tough days the high obstacles.
Wonder never left my heart, but that breeze of an answer was caressing my skin.
There was no way I can go back now to the legends because I can't survive long in their shadows, I continued my way to my old place, now I have new eyes admiring new stuff and having a different perspective reading all what is around, but the view is not getting any more beautiful than before.
I have seen her one day playing around and giving me an attractive look from time to time, she had magic in her eyes like I have never seen; attracted me to her and got me under her spell. She pushed in my veins an extreme power that almost blew me up from the inside, I almost got an over dose, much over than what my body could ever handle. I was not really enjoying that boost I enjoyed the new experience that was taking over my mind till it got me drunk and unconscious.
I followed her steps with joy, but she was like every one heading to that mysterious door, I never like the odor getting out of it... It was painful seeing that she decided to go with the flow. It was the first time I get that close to the door what allowed me to look through it and see what sucks people inside.
Every one seemed happy. still not convinced I decided to make that step inside, because the external world became so repetitive.
Nothing surprising there, all smiles, fake smiles because each is shameful to show his boredom. But I couldn't do the same, I was smiling at the beginning everything new brings some joy to my heart. Benefit from some rest and explore the new entourage cause soon the trip must continue.
Examining the place, I found it was wilder and wider than it's inhabitants make it look. I knew that I can live there and discover the place and enjoying the daily new stuff it will offer, all this in one condition the fake smile that I may wear sometimes should not import fake feelings to my heart.
It will be the day where I will be somehow as the legends I have seen before, and hope I will sing my own song.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

seemed like shining from inside

One day I woke up, my eyes were open wild and a mood so messed up... I am not sure if eyes were open or not.
Didn't know what was there, but it was the shadow of an ab-natural disease.
My heart desperately trying to beat, all in-vain... My brain overheated because of over-consumption without any result. Decision is taken, it is the end of days, let me relax and admire what passed, let me relax and sleep. The last beat of my heart, my eyes desperately trying not to move away from the beauty on the horizon, but brain gave it's orders no need to live in torture just to admire what can't be reached, fortune that lays at the end of the world... All is dark now, it is death, shutdown process has started.
Is it really death? Weird but it appears as it is some kind of rest; the chains has loosen and the heart  managed to give one more beat that held a short message to brain saying "dream". This word provoked the brain, it allowed the heart to pronounce few more words that said "you left me the past days without a dream, you caused me the worst torture, dream my dear"
"I am tired, we have dreamed and seen dreams crashing underneath of reality, logic has became a heavy load that we must surrender to..." replied.
I am such a stubborn, in this case my heart is more stubborn than logic and this is what to love. Chains are loose now; the heart had already beaten again, he won't stop nor surrender to mind decision. Dreams has flown again through the veins to fill all the body with fresh power again, at first step it is never important what you can realize, dreams are sufficient to boost enough energy to face all and dance long.
It is then where the light of the horizon seemed like shining from inside me, my eyes are not anymore consuming the beauty of the far horizon; instead it became a new horizon shining and admired by others.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


If you are riding fast on the highway, you do not stop to defend your honor and deal with a silly driver who insulted you.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beyond a dream

Do you dare to take your dream to the limit of illusion?
Where damages are unrecoverable.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Strings not chains

I see puppets controlling puppets.
I see people willingly attaching their self to the strings of the puppet master... Who him self is a puppet.
I see free men walking, and puppets running begging to be controlled and put the strings into their hands... But a man frees his self and frees them from him, he cuts all strings attached to him for those will transform into chains controlling his actions.
At that time they run and attach their self to other puppets...

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shedding skin

Our self should die, and we have to bury it.
An old self becomes too heavy to carry.

Monday, March 4, 2013


It takes a good philosophy to make a remarkable human.
A powerful philosophy is based on a strong faith...
You can invest this faith in your self, in a tree, in money, in an other human... But the best is to have it in perfection, in God. He who will give you real faith, love and esteem for all other things and your self.
After this a lot of people will be passing by you, the most wonderful and wise of all, and actions will be happening in a fascinating and magical way...

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Not the sun nor the moon

Not the sun nor the moon defines the length of day and night.

Friday, February 15, 2013


In a hospital for people allergic to strawberry, it was not allowed even to enter strawberry to the hospital so it won't be someone who eats it by mistake.
One day the window cleaner who lives there and never goes out wanted to eat strawberry. That guy said to the first patient don't u know how beautiful is the color of strawberry? And he said to the second how beautiful it is the touch of strawberry... And told to the third that strawberry has a lot of health benefits.... Convinced the forth that having strawberry is a right... And so on...
At the end of the day the window cleaner stood and shouted high "We Want Strawberry" and all the patients in the hospital stood and scream "We Want Strawberry"
Then the window cleaner stood and shouted "We won't have our medicine till we get strawberry" and the echo of his words were heard all over the hospital, the walls has shaken, yes strawberry is a need and a must to be brought to that hospital.
The second day a big truck of strawberry was brought to the hospital, every one had his share and hidden it well, every one was smiling, the window cleaner enjoyed the taste, and the patients enjoyed victory... Few days later a rotten odor was all over the place.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

How is it your mistake?

Stop talking politics start talking economics
Stop talking religious sectors start talking spiritual
Stop talking favors start talking social activity
Stop nagging start voting pure Lebanese
Stop Hunting birds start drawing birds
Stop drowning in history start writing history again

Thursday, January 31, 2013

People I Met: Promenade

My enemy holds a mirror reflecting my strength points
My ally holds a mirror reflecting my weakness points
And a good companion polishes well those mirrors to avoid distraction
It all started long time ago, as I remember Shad was bolder than Geo.
Walking around on the border of the river in that wildness near their town.
Shad silent as always, but very attentive, I can't really tell what's in his mind.
Geo walking right after him, is a bit loud but seems that the silence of Shad is really dominating.
During there walk Geo wanted  to jump high and scream loud, he tried many times to pass Shad so he can take lead and enjoy his space, but this always failed he even once broke his nose cause Shad made him fall.
The walk continues, walk down in the town, with time Geo has learned well how to pass Shad, he made his big move and here he is dancing jumping, with no boundaries.
The tempo of the dance goes faster passing in between the shops then Geo gets a sudden hit on his head.
Shad gets near him, takes him by his hand to help him up, and here he gets a sudden punch on his nose. A look of anger on Geo's face, red eyes staring toward Shad, first person was Shad to be blamed the reason was not clear not even in the mind of Geo, but Shad has to be blamed.
Stayed there on the ground while Shad walks away, cold blood as always.
In vain Geo tried to carry on with his dance, a sudden fear broke into his heart, a low experienced person like him will be shocked after this accident, a merchant came close to him and said to him: "son you can't do it, here you are some water and relax."
He tries to stand again and jump high as before, but he simply couldn't, he developed a fear from his entourage, so his heart told him to go follow Shad again.
again the walk continues, Geo is in the back again reviewing and feeling that fight between safety and independence. Now away from people, in that road in the mountains the most relaxing and dreamy ambiance. Shad goes slower and slower, anger again gets over Geo who almost stepped over Shad's feet. this time he does not express his anger, Shad even kept going slower without talking till he stopped. That same look in his eyes, never ever changing, he sat down, Geo never questions the acts of Shad even that it always provokes him, time taught him not to question also taught him how to read behind the poker face of Shad. Breeze and beauty, sitting there comfort sneaks again to the heart of Geo especially that he managed to have a short conversation with Shad, very soon enthusiasm shines in the eyes of Geo and he starts to make some moves and few steps of a new dance. Dance dance smile and go high, the dance get more harmonious and intense, imaginary music plays in the head of Geo only Shad can hear it. Till a sudden move and Geo disappears, he slips and falls around few meters down... Still high from the dance the smile never leaves his face and his silent dance turns into a loud laugh with no clue how to get out of the hole he got him self into it. A sound of rattling made him jump high enough to catch the hand of Shad and get out of there.
Pick up there stuff and continues down the hill to the neighbor town, rare are the words and long is the conversation. New people there, they already met some of them but all connections has been cut so a short salutation is enough while each proceeds with his business.
"My friend the merchant who offered you the water, has always dreamed to be a dancer but he mistaken the words of life and thought it told him no one can ever be a dancer, and the rattling you heard was not a snake."

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Walk of a living man

It's a walk in a foggy path, It's a path you never walked before nor you'll pass through it again, walking with complete confidence merged with persistent fear.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

People I Met: Responsibility

There is that little Island that has sufficient resources where you can live in peace with the little it affords to you. It seems that all the people of that Island are dreamers, big dreamers.
Walking around, between the people having a coffee with them all you have to is close your eyes and imagine that depending on what they say this little Island will become the most exiting place on earth soon, very soon it will be a land of heroes and land of creativity. This was Home-town
Geo was born in Home-town and got used to it, it offered him safety and stability, it was great, except for one thing it's people are dreamers, Geo felt in love with their dreams they became his idols.
Till one day he woke up and found their dreams eating him alive, Geo looked around nothing changed he is growing older, nothing changed. He felt in deep pain, became like them, developed his dreams but nothing changed.
Geo opened his eyes and have seen it, this Island offers a little, enough to stay alive, but it is a dream burier... Definitely not his place, and that is what everyone have said about them self, this is not our place.
He used to walk with his friend on the border of the river, a wide river, it is known that there is an other land on the other side, They do not know much about it but they think it will be fun to go there one day. They talked about what would they do if they went there,and they always insisted they will go there.
One weird day, that day Geo said it, he said he is preparing the tools to cross the river, preparing his self to go there to the land that we only see it's shadow through the river that it's current changes directions. Geo knew that people around him will get surprised, but did not know that he will be more surprised than them, what surprised him are two things.
The first was their reaction, all these people talking about dreams about what would they do at the other side, they got shocked, now you can see fear in their eyes. First thing that the best friend said: "hey don't tell any one I encouraged you, are you sure you want to do that? why would you do that?"
And this was the reaction of many who thought they are the reason he did this, how funny is that? People are not ready to take responsibility even for "the possibility that they may be part of the reason of encouraging".
The second that surprised him is that one day Geo woke up and found him self on the other side on that other Island, even he did not know how he ended there, it was a beautiful secret a secret that he enjoyed and that he will master with time.
When he got there, people still wanted to go to that part too, in fact they wanted it even more. But...