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Friday, October 4, 2013

Just a thought: God, science and ideas

God by coming to earth using a human body, he said words of wisdom and gave directions, he used examples and inspired us the new testament.
There was a great message and a huge example.
In the beginning of times God created all, he hit the trigger and launched a chain of non stop miracles, but all are predictable ones, we can predict those miracles the more we go deep into the spirit and science. He made all perfect and he did not want to interfere directly into it any more.
In the old testament he gave directions and talked to people, but his message in the new testament and the example he gave is that all will be done through us humans by all our unlimited diversity and uniqueness for he is unlimited. He made us a bridge he said it loud and clear...
Everything new that will be brought to this world will be through you dear humans, each of you is a bridge for loads of new miracles, each person is a bridge for unlimited blessings given from God.
We are the third testament, the currently living one, by holding his word we assure a clean pass for his blessings through the bridges. By appreciating each person and loving him we assure more flow of blessings.
He made each of us a complex of body, mind and soul a complex needed to explore the already existing miracles and to allow the flow of new ones.