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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Each one of us spends a time making a creature to release it in this world, some of us manages to make a creature that they think this world is starving for.
It's made from admiring and studying, listening and understanding...
But this world does not want such a thing, it will take this creature and suck his power cause it is an abundant source, also it won't allow it to survive on the same level as others.
This creature dies before getting to find it's place in this life, will be shocked by the differences, gets infected in it's navigation system, but refuses to lose the way. Pressure will dramatically increase over it's processors till one day willingly will go on eternal sleep mode.
The creature will be in sleep that he thinks is eternal but is not, cause one day faith will reach it's heart again and fill it with life, with enough power that feeds the world that is sucking and still have enough to survive and renovate his life every day, admiring the glory of his God and remembering the benefits he had of being like a phoenix allowing the fire to take his body so he comes back with much more power in his soul and beauty in his eyes.