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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

People I Met: Over the seas

From one of his trips Geo came back with a tattoo on his arm, this tattoo is different from all others this one is even more colorful and warm this is the first thing that people notice comparing to the rest that are on his body.
What is bizarre is that Geo likes to spend hours facing a mirror so he be able to see the tattoo.
Once in a gathering he was asked to explain what is all this story about, at this moment a shiny smile draws on his face and starts to telling.
That "Chem" the word in the tattoo is the name of a princess in a far kingdom, but he couldn't really explain what is that kingdom... She is a princess of inspiration, she is a beautiful woman...
Geo always believed  that women has great powers, but those powers are like fire it is random and burns everything on it's way, a fire that does not know what it wants... But this time when talking about Chem it was obvious that his ideas were different...
- Do you still talk to her? someone asked him...
- Yes I am constantly in contact with her, she made the greatest change in my life, and she is my definition of a true woman.
- Since you are still in contact with her, why to spend hours looking at your arm in the mirror, why not spend time reading her letters?
Geo with his bright eyes that probably expresses much more of what his words are gonna say, starts to explain... letters are encouraging words for the moment, and she has the perfect words to heal my wounds but it is not enough and it is nothing comparing to what I see when I look in that mirror... Chem has drawn that tattoo with her own hands, I touch the tattoo and feel her warm touch that reaches my heart and caresses my thoughts and  inspires my dreams. And in purpose it is drawn on a place that I can't see so I look into a mirror when I want to see it, this is a reminder of her eyes only them were able to reflect a true woman's beauty and in it I found a lot of my reality.
And Geo continues talking about her, every one felt in love with her... She is a dreamer and independent, she is a remarkable survivor who managed to transform her scars to a beauty and always maintained her feminism.
Every one left, their hearts warm from the story they heard, but they left with much more questions than they had when they came.