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Saturday, November 10, 2012


I have this love for taking a photo of a tree standing there by it self, maybe in the middle of nature but simply stands a bit away, or in a city standing alone with all of the cement around...
The first case represents for me the ability to stand out of the crowed, it still there in her place at home humble and in harmony with others, but still it has it's own personality that is fully clear, if you stay in her shadow you still can see all of the entourage without having the crowed blocking your view.
The second case is about resisting, the tree is still standing even that others has been killed, it still there not willing to move not accepting to die. The tree is challenging everything, they couldn't kill it so they try to modify it's surrounding maybe she falls with time, but it still stands cause it has a cause, it will remind us that this earth belong the the nature not to the cement.