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Monday, December 10, 2012

People I met: Super Night Club

- Hey you (Shad addressing to the PIMP) How does things work in here?
- You chose one of the dancers, and then you have two choices the first you offer her a drink and she spends 30min with you, second you buy a bottle and she stays with you the night and you pick her up from her hotel on a day she is free and she is yours for that day, you have to pay her extra money.
-That girl, second on the right what's her name? And what day is she free?
-Cynthia our new girl, she she's a perfect company, you can have her tomorrow.
-Great, then get me a bottle and get Cynthia to that table next to us I will wait there.

Anthony said: Shad what happened? I thought you had a promise to your self never to get a girl from such a place... remember? it is you who puts the rule of only have a drink and enjoy the show...
-Things changed the moment I stepped into this place "serpent's hole" it is indeed, now excuse me.

A cigaret in his trembling hand, his eyes checking around... He doesn't look comfortable, it is more like someone who is in a date with a gorgeous lady he already have a crush on, more than being waiting for a show girl, maybe because it is his first time in such situation since long time. Getting close to his table, she had some exaggerated makeup she had this fake smile on her face, she touches his shoulder and suddenly the smile faded... she took her hand off and took a step back, the PIMP pushed her again and introduced her to him.
-Here you are our gorgeous fresh lady Cynthia, you can call me, my name is Hyena, if you need anything sir.

A strange look in his eyes: Hello, Cynthia.
-You know my original... you can call me Dark Warrior.
-I paid to get Cynthia, and Cynthia I shall get.

She stood and signed to Hyena that she is leaving the table, he ran to the table.
-Any problem?
-Yes I do not like this gentleman, he insulted me.

Shad pushing his hand to the hand of Hyena...
-I paid for this, and I am gonna get it.

took her aside by her hand, obviously they didn't have a friendly conversation... She was treated like any other girl in this business... they get deprived of their dignity. Then he brings her back to the client.

-The Irony of life... while taking a deep breath and having that annoying smile that every one knows it hides pain besides it, Cynthia nice name, it suites a warrior who willingly surrendered to his enemy. He tried to touch her leg and reach her privates, she didn't let him, he caressed her cheeks and suddenly grabbed her hair, licked her neck and whispered in her ear: since you are here, I guess you do not want to lose this new job... You better obey. He hardly managed to ignore that ear ring that holds long stories.
-Now I got to leave, but I reserved you for tomorrow, you better be ready at noon and be dressed what suites your new way of life...

You are so strange tonight, proclaimed Anthony with a silly smile on his face and his tone that Shad hates, you were a bit rough to that bitch what a sudden change bro. But she is a good choice man, nice butt she gonna rock your day.
-Drive, I need a beer and a ride to enjoy my cigaret I need a fresh breeze and some calm, it really was a rough night, and it is gonna be harder tomorrow if you know what I mean...
Anthony smiled, his sober friend has shown a new wild side, what Anthony considers manhood... but he didn't dare to say any more words to him, he thought that it has been a pressure on his friend this is why he is not talking... he only admired him, terminating each cigaret right after the previous.

She opened the car door, stays next to him, dressed as he wished for... she didn't have to, she knows this but she did as he wishes, she is the old brave warrior but once again so weak in his presence or she pretends to be for a reason too private for her.
Not a single word was said, she walked behind him till the hotel room, he pushed her to the wall and he had his wild moments, she was as obedient as usual, does she enjoy this?

She knew what's in his heart, she waited the perfect moment to speak, I am the same old warrior... I want you to keep your same unique warm heart.
-You were a warrior, or at least I thought you were a warrior, but no you never were. You only are a liar, you were offered the chance to get a new warm life, you refused it while you hated yours, you then got set free to go make your supposed war you landed on this shit... remember the story I told you about? with all the evidences I had, but you insisted on taking the same adventure that you already end up lost after it a thousand time before. You are only a cheap woman full of foolishness.

He pushed her again into a rough and humiliating sex, and she surrenders... he never understood this she still touches him softly, this was always his greatest paradox.

Dropped her back to the hotel she threw back the money to him saying you will need it to come back and buy me a new bottle. he never knew and will never know what runs in her mind after he leaves her each time since he ever met her. How not to be affected, he was exhausted, for two days he acted against all his principles... He will have to work a lot to heal this injury, he will have to pray a lot not to lose the good that he always built his life upon. He will have to live with this mystery for the rest of his life, or not? Also he wonders if this ever was a mystery for her. He always thinks that he can see behind this wall that every one stops at the writings on it "bitch". Will he ever accept that she is a bad person, he never stops at the walls that people builds around their selves this is his gift that he enjoys. He will forget her cause life has to go on... He does not surrender but he had this lesson in life, "he must offer his self good presents and what it deserves".