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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

You care?

It is well known that all Lebanese are into politics, I see many youth who do really commit to working and volunteer to support and advertise for the political parties, All are fascinated by the brilliant slogans that "leaders" come out with...
In fact this makes me happy, to see youth really interested and caring. At first impression I see hope in the future, a good change a fresh blood.
But I stand for a second and admire, at that moment sadness surrounds my heart. Youth you are the creative, you are the fresh, you are the majority, you are the consumers, you are the creators, you are the power. You are the ones who are supposed to be free from the prejudgement.
Our ancestors gave us a lot of concepts to work on, and gave us a great Identity that managed to save us from the worse cases, our old history is a good package, our new history is kept in the fog for the benefit of many who are preparing for us the darkest conspiracies, and worse they work to put our old history in doubt and questioning.

I would like to give an opinion about this. Be conceptual and not sheep, see the big image and be honest to your self. When you got involved in the political life, you got there for change, but how sad I feel when I see you all going like sheep. You got committed to a party (I hope to a party and not a leader) because the leader of the party said he wants freedom, he wants prosperity, life,  equality.
That is awesome but later on you accept all the excuses given to you, that prevents this innocent (ironic) guy from accomplishing those goals...
Come on, the lie is so clear, too bad I won't get into examples cause examples will ruin my article, yes it will ruin it cause once I include a name in the article the followers of that person will concern this hall article as a conspiracy against them...
I address my word to all youth, those who I agree to their opinion, and to those who I don't. We are all in the same lie, either you are right in my opinion or not, learn to be free, work for the concept that is given to you and not for the person who is giving it, learn to think to your self and not to what the media gives to you.

When we were younger we learned that the media is the fifth authority in the political life, but this is a lie, in this case I am talking about the media all around the world not only the Lebanese ones. It is all oriented media. Media became a tool for the war and not a mirror of truth, yes too bad this is our situation now. What a situation if you do not check the media you are uninformed and if you check it you are misinformed, so know how to read it.

Youth go outside, there is people who are right and others who are not, this is true. But there is you who want what is right and many of you in the opposing sectors who agree to the same goal, how funny is that? Get involved in your parties who ever are those parties but there you are, a huge responsibility is up on your shoulders once you are in, you will have to fight the greatest wars of your life, you will have it against the people who are on the same side of you, yes there where the real war is, cause it is them who keeps you away from accomplishing your goal, educate your self from life, read different books and do not make prejudgements but be careful, calm, open and patient. Work on changing your environment so it suits the goals that you are aiming too, cause if it is not there where change starts then change will never happen, if you seek honesty in governments you got to have well trained honest humans, cause only them can get you closer to your goal, and this does not happen in short time, it is a life time strategy.

Going with the system and implementing change inside it, is like getting in an old building putting bombs on it roots, so you put it down and make a new one instead.

Shouting to the system from the outside is like having an AK47 and shooting on a well defended building.

Getting in the system and simply be happy to have a room in there, will get you dead because of the rotten smell that is now in there.

Sleeping outside the system and not acting, it is like sleeping between two houses where the neighbors throws shits on each other.

Change is not impossible, it is possible, it is the life, but the trick is that it goes slowly.

At the end you have to ask your self:
- Do I care?
- Do I dare?
- Am I up to change?
- Am I young?
- Am I alive?
- Do I have an open philosophy in life?
- Do I have a free mind and an honest heart?
- Am I ready to get into the greatest wars in life?
- Can I see the truth in the eyes of my opponent?

- am I a sheep?
- Did they fill my heart with shit?
- Did they put chains around my mind?
- Is prejudgement ruling my interaction with others?
- Do I immediately consider my enemy as the extreme lie?